Relativity of Fashion to Universal energy of creation.

Circling the square, squaring the circle.

MinaY handmade leather bags, made in New York, Brooklyn inspired by emotions, adventures, geometry, philosophy and spirituality. These bags come together with the mother and father figures of the platonic solids, circle (mother) and rectangle (father). They form one of the geometric dualities that signify merging of female and male energies of our universe. These energies create life through their dualities. Nothing in this universe can exist without it’s opposite counterpart. In the middle of these platonic solids, I merge emotions, adventures and knowledge with fine arts and traditional leather smithing techniques to create surfaces that carry special messages from the heart. They can be worn as backpack, fanny pack, cross body bag or in their own unique ways ( for example one strap to the shoulder, other one through the leg or looping around the waist for double protection.) They are very comfortable, durable and unique handbags you can use every day. I only make one of each bag just as one can feel an emotions once.

Bags could be paired with a bull whip and a choker. The bull whip is worn on the side of the bag and it’s purpose is to gently slap your legs as you cruise down the street. Our universe is made up of vibrations. Certain vibrations can invoke sensations that was previously unknown to the human psyche. Because of this, the bull whip could be attached to the O ring of the choker and used as a leash to whip yourself or your partner. As you cruise down the street, your sensations will be stimulated through the gentle whip on your legs. 

Thank you for taking your time to read. I will be posting the philosophies and stories I am inspired by to create these bags. Until next blog post, peace <3