My name is Mina Yurtbilir, I am a leather smith.

I have been working with leather since 2015 where one fine evening as I had my head between my knees with a heart full of future anxieties, I found an apprenticeship opportunity with a badass lady leather smith who had broken her arm in a motorcycle accident and needed someone to be her hands in her workshop. And thus begun my

artistic affair with leather.

Leather was the start of a canvas for me, where infinite ideas boiled out from my abyss into the imaginary construct of this world. Art revealed to have the power to unlock one’s hidden self, and show a glimpse of the psyches unknown. Curiosity is the fuel of emotions and adventures that translate into these leather golds.

I see designs designing themselves in the back of my eye, I look and dive deeper into them as I construct each bag with my hands. Leaving

ego and judgement behind and give the hands, heart and eyes to communication of the hidden language.

Pupils are durable, like the attitude of a wild woman. Creative, like the maverick that lays the golden eggs. One of a kind, as they are handmade and one of each.

The round pupils can be worn in many different ways such as backpack, fanny pack and in many unique styles.

Faces of each bag is different. I use pure pigments for color depth, lots of pigments that change colors with sunlight or heat. Some of the manipulations include carving the leather and filling the crevices with tiny acrylic beads to give a dramatic shine on the surface.Some look like galaxies, some look like ocean.

Made in Brooklyn NY by MinaY (pronounced as Meaneye)